Sporlan Control Valves

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Sporlan Thermo Expansion Valves (TXV)

Refrigerant liquid flow regulation is primarily what the Sporlan thermo expansion valve (TXV) is designed for. Liquid evaporation into the refrigerant gas is balanced by the Sporlan TXV. Sporlan Valve Company offers over 20 types of thermo expansion valves designed for application no matter when, where, or what the HVAC situation is. Sporlan TXV features include:

  • Knife edge joints
  • Replaceable thermostatic elements
  • Patented removable inlet strainer
  • Compact design

Sporlan thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) models include the following:

  • Sporlan TXV model NI
  • Sporlan TXV model RI
  • Sporlan TXV model F series
  • Sporlan TXV model Q series
  • Sporlan TXV model G series
  • Sporlan TXV model EG series

Sporlan Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are another type of control valve that Sporlan Valve Company specializes in. The wide variety of Sporlan solenoid valves are constructed of stainless steel manufactured to prevent contaminants and malfunctions. The 2, 3, or 4-way threaded Sporlan solenoid valve holds the magnetic solenoid tube. Sporlan solenoid valves are normally used in:

  • Commercial equipment
  • Aerospace equipment
  • Power generators

Because of the way the Sporlan solenoid valve is manufactured, it allows installation and mounting in wide array of environments without harming the control element. Some types of Sporlan solenoid valves include:

  • Sporlan A3 series solenoid valves
  • Sporlan E3 series solenoid valves
  • Sporlan E5 series solenoid valves
  • Sporlan B6 series solenoid valves
  • Sporlan E6 series solenoid valves
  • Sporlan B19 series solenoid valves
  • Sporlan E19 series solenoid valves

Sporlan Ball Valves

The Sporlan Isolation Ball Valve has been one of the Sporlan Valve Company's biggest successes. Integrated in air conditioning and refrigeration, these valves isolate refrigerant liquid flow or gas and air. Sporlan control valves encompass several types of ball valves including:

  • Panel mounted ball valves
  • High pressure ball valves
  • Actuated ball valves
  • Fire safe ball valves

Sporlan ball control valves prevent malfunctions in the HVAC system by controlling flow and preventing spills when operated. Sporlan's ball valves are reliable and durable, because they are built with metals, plastics, and ceramics and then plated in chrome.

One of the most used ball valves in the HVAC industry is the Sporlan EBV Type Ball Valve Series. This isolation ball valve features:

  • Solid body structure & design
  • Full range of valve sizes
  • Operation in a wide variety of temperature ranges

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