Siebe Thermostats

Siebe Thermostats

Siebe control parts and temperature controllers have been at the forefront of the HVAC industry for years. As a leader in the production of quality heating, air conditioning, and ventilation products, Siebe has a lasting history of creating state-of-the-art, superior quality thermostats for all HVAC applications.

A thermostat is a device, as in a home heating system, a refrigerator, or an air conditioner, that automatically responds to temperature changes and activates switches controlling the equipment. Thermostats and thermal switches are electro-mechanical on/off switches that are activated by temperature changes. They are used to control heating and cooling systems. A thermostat is a highly sensitive control instrument that responds to even the slightest changes in temperature. Dirt can affect the thermostat's calibration and interfere with its operation :calibrating Siebe thermostat.

A thermostat is important in ensuring that the heating system installed in your house works optimally. This gadget can be set to turn your heat on or off and also to what temperature the heat will rise or fall. When used responsibly a thermostat can be your partner in managing your power bills.

Temperature controllers accept inputs from temperature sensors or thermometers, and output a control signal to keep the temperature at the desired level. Temperature controllers use several different control techniques. Limit control establishes set points that, when reached, sends a signal to stop or start a process variable. Specifications for temperature controllers include number of inputs, number of outputs, input types, output types, and number of zones (if applicable).

Today, almost two hundred years after the company's inception, Siebe's simple, compact programmable thermostats are second to none in the HVAC community.

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Siebe Programmable Thermostats

Siebe programmable thermostats are battery-operated controllers that allow the system's user the freedom to set different temperatures for different rooms. Siebe programmable thermostats offer both seven-hour and twenty-four-hour models. A programmable thermostat is a thermostat which is designed to adjust the temperature according to a series of programmed settings that take effect at different times of the day. Also included with Siebe programmable thermostats are the following features:

  • Display of both room time and temperature
  • Temporary temperature override
  • Zone control capabilities
  • Supplied battery powered capabilities
  • Selectable low limit
  • Ability to set up to four daily temperatures and up to four temperature periods available
  • Combi boiler system capabilities

Siebe Pneumatic Room Thermostats

These thermostats are designed for proportional temperature control of pneumatic valves and damper actuators to maintain room air temperatures in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. Some of the main features include:

  • Small size
  • Attractive appearance (various metal or ABS plastic covers available).
  • Factory calibrated. S.S. ball-in-seat provides pneumatic feedback for linear, stable operation.
  • Easy-to-use throttling range adjustment and recalibration.

There are various types of thermostats available and a few of the different types are listed below.

Line-voltage thermostats: These thermostats are used in single heating systems including radiant systems and baseboards. Line voltage thermostats are installed in series with heaters, mostly at 240V. In this type of connection the current flows through the thermostat and into the heater. Unfortunately, it is possible for the thermostat itself to reach the set room temperature, causing it to shut off even before the heater has brought the room to the set temperature Low-voltage thermostats:

Low-voltage thermostats are more efficient when it comes to the controlling of current flow. These thermostats are used in central heating systems that use electricity, gas and oil. They are also used in water heating systems particularly in zone valves, and in electric unitary systems. With a low-voltage thermostat you will not only be able to accurately control current but you will also have an easier time using programmable controls. This ease is mostly due to the fact that they operate at 24V to 50V as opposed to the 240V used for line-voltage thermostats.

Line-voltage and low-voltage thermostat options:

With Programmable thermostats, you can have the temperature in your house automatically adjusted according to preset times. This means that you will have an easier time conserving energy since you can let the gadget reduce the temperature in your hours of absence and increase the heat when you are around. These thermostats can be purchased in several models. The simpler ones allow you to program daytime and nighttime temperature settings while the more complicated ones can be programmed to adjust temperature differently for different days and times of the week.

Mechanical thermostats are perhaps the cheapest and easiest thermostats that you can install. They feature either vapor-filled bellows or bi-metallic strips, which respond to variations in temperature. Mechanical thermostats are often considered unreliable, particularly the cheapest models that make use of bi-metallic strips. These thermostats have a slow response time to the bi-metallic strip, which may result in significant temperature variations either above or below the desired set points.

Electronic thermostats are unlike mechanical thermostats because these thermostats make use of electronic gadgets to detect temperatures and subsequently initiate control for your heating system. They are quicker in responding to temperature variations. You can have electronic thermostats either for line-voltage or for low-voltage purposes. These gadgets will offer you much convenience with features like programmability and automatic setback. For these reasons, electronic thermostats will cost you more than the mechanical alternatives.

A few other Siebe controls thermostats

  • Summer-Winter Pneumatic Room Thermostats
  • Day/Night Pneumatic Room Thermostats
  • One-Pipe Pneumatic Room Thermostats
  • Two-Pipe Pneumatic Room Thermostats

The two-pipe (relay type), day-night, summer-winter & unit ventilator applications are available and the two-pipe models come available with or without cover and universal conversion kit.

Siebe thermostats are extremely reliable, easily accessible and are and highly sought after in the HVAC market. Some of the more common parts available from the company include: Thermostat ACC.; Thermostat Blank Cover; Pilot Pressure Kit Relay thermostat; Base Plate; Plastic Cover, Thermostat Only; Strap-On Changeover Thermostat; Relay Bulb thermostat; 2 Pipe Direct Acting Thermostat; Proportional room thermostat; Pneumatic Thermostat Covers; Tac T18-301 Thermostat, and the T12 through T33 Series.

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