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Honeywell Controls

For over one hundred twenty years, Honeywell has been at the forefront of producing high quality HVAC controllers. With their durability and strength, Honeywell HVAC controllers and appliances are designed to last throughout the duration of your HVAC system. Honeywell controls are known throughout the industry for their superior quality.

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Aside from quality and endurance, Honeywell HVAC controllers have the ability to save the HVAC system user a significant amount of money. Honeywell control zone systems are an energy-saving option to home and commercial heating and cooling. By allowing the user the ability to decide which rooms need to be heated or cooled, Honeywell can help you save a significant amount of money on energy costs.

Honeywell Zone Control

A Honeywell Zone Control System uses dampers in your ductwork that open and close as needed based on each zone's thermostat settings. When a zone is at the selected temperature and doesn't need to be heated or cooled, the dampers close to save energy and maximize comfort elsewhere.

Honeywell Ventilation

Honeywell also manufactures quiet, cost-effective ventilation systems for all HVAC uses. Honeywell's ventilation systems employ the following filters to clean your air:

  • Media filters
  • HEPA filters
  • Electronic air cleaners

Honeywell Damper Vents

Honeywell damper vents are put to use with equipment that uses gas. These damper vents close in the middle of heat cycles to decrease heat loss from the home. Honeywell zoning dampers are also available.

Honeywell Gas Control Valves

Honeywell gas control valves are a fail safe means of protecting your HVAC system and its users in emergencies by shutting off the gas in your HVAC system. As one of the most highly sought controllers in their catalog, Honeywell gas control valves are available in the following models:

  • VR8304 Universal Gas Control Valve
  • VR8200A 2132 Standing Pilot Gas Control Valve
  • VR8300A 3518 Standing Pilot Gas Control Valve
  • VR8300A Standing Pilot Gas Control Valve
  • VR8300H Standing Pilot Gas Control Valve
  • VR8345M 4302 Universal Electronic Ignition Gas Control Valve
  • SV9501M Gas Control Valve and Smart Valve

Honeywell Temperature Controllers & Thermostats

Honeywell offers a variety of programmable and non-programmable thermostats and temperature controllers for HVAC systems of all sizes. The simplicity of Honeywell's temperature controllers makes them a popular addition to any HVAC control system. Honeywell programmable temperature controllers have large, back-lit displays and a simple menu system that makes using this thermostat easy even for an HVAC novice.

Honeywell Aquastat Controller

Honeywell Control Parts

Honeywell Aquastat controllers offer the HVAC user a fast thermal response and easy-to-wire terminals. Designed to control water temperature in boilers, storage tanks, and other liquid-based temperature control situations, Honeywell Aquastat controllers are available in several different models mainly differentiated by the temperature range they are designed to withstand.

Honeywell Boiler and Burner Controls

Honeywell heating controls excel in the field of boiler and burner controls. Designed to increase building safety, Honeywell oil burner controls and Honeywell furnace controls save the HVAC system user considerable time with self-diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities. An economical choice for any HVAC system, the Honeywell burner control or Honeywell boiler control allows you to quickly and effectively discover and repair problems within your HVAC system.

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