Belimo Actuators

Actuators are an integral part of any HVAC system, and Belimo is renowned for its expertise in actuator creation and production. Primarily used in heating applications, Belimo's valve actuators were first introduced in 1975 and have been at the forefront of the HVAC actuator industry ever since.

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Belimo produces both spring and non-spring return valve actuators and parts, including rotary actuators, damper actuators, and pneumatic actuators, for all types of air-related and water-related HVAC applications including the following:

  • Air dampers
  • Window ventilation systems
  • Control ball valves
  • Butterfly valves

Belimo Non-Spring Return Actuators

Belimo's non-spring return actuators are separated into rotary and full-rotation actuator categories. Within Belimo's non-spring return actuator catalogue are four series of rotary actuator models, the differences among them being their levels of torque power and their damper sizes:

  • LM.A series actuators
  • NM.A series actuators
  • SM.A series actuators
  • GM series actuators

Belimo's full-rotation actuator is the LU.A actuator. With a low torque rating and configurable parameters, Belimo's LU.A actuator offers a high level of control. Included with Belimo's LU.A actuator are the following accessories: spindle clamps, wall mountable range controllers, electronic angle adjusters, positioners for front-panel and built-in mounting, and angle rotation limiter.

Belimo Spring Return Actuators

Belimo's spring-return actuators are divided into the following four series:

  • TF series actuators - Belimo's smallest model, torque rating of 2 Nm
  • LF series actuators - at 4 Nm, twice the torque power of the TF series actuators
  • AF series actuators - 15 Nm torque power, can set up parameters
  • AFR series actuators - 15 Nm torque power, cannot set up parameters

Belimo Valve Actuator

Belimo Valve Actuators feature motors with greater output and less consumption of energy. The belimo valve actuator modulates the valve so the water flow can regulate through the pipe. The amount of water that gets to the chilled water coil is regulated by the actuator mounted on the valve.

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