Barber-Colman Actuators

For over thirty-five years, Barber-Colman Control Company has been a premier provider of superior actuators for all sorts of HVAC uses. Barber-Colman's latest actuator series, the EA series, offers unparalleled benefits including:

  • Potentiometer input
  • Functionality with a wide variety of valves
  • Microprocessor-based control system
  • Adjustable deadband (number of degrees difference between the temperature at which the AC comes on and that at which the heat comes on)

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Barber-Colman's EA series actuators are renowned for their sturdiness and quality. Designed to thrive in harsh environments, Barber-Colman Co.'s aluminum actuators come in eight different series all available from HVAC Plus. The typical functions of the EA series actuators include:

  • Heat treat furnaces and recovery systems
  • Water and oil cooling systems
  • Ovens

Barber-Colman's catalog of EA series actuators includes both spring-return and non-spring return actuator styles. The following actuator models make up Barber-Coleman's collection of EA series actuators:

  • EA12 series actuators
  • EA20 series actuators
  • EA31 series actuators
  • EA40 series actuators
  • EA50 series actuators
  • EA60 series actuators
  • EA70 series actuators
  • EA81 series actuators

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